Privacy Policy

KasturiHR App and website (the “App” / ‘” welcome you. The App and website are operated by Megamax Services Pvt. Ltd. Megamax Services Pvt. Ltd. Is a company that was formed under the Companies Act 2013 ("we", "us", and "our"). We understand and share your concern relating to the safekeeping of your personal information in the online setting. The privacy policy ("Policy") highlights the measures we take to maintain the privacy of the personal information that we gather online through the App.

Our users, customers and visitors have the complete right to be aware of what we collect information and how we use it. The Policy is applicable to all the products and services that are offered by us. The principles of choice, security, access, notice, data integrity, and enforcement underpin our Policy.

The acceptance of our Policy via visiting or registering on the App, implies your consent to us for gathering the information. It also represents your consent relating to the use as well as disclosure of the personal information of the visitors as per the Policy. By using the App, you agree to comply with our Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”). In case you have any questions or queries, please feel free to write to us. You can send an email to

Kindly note that we may be required to change the Policy frequently to address emerging issues and to reflect modifications to the App or in the laws and regulations. We reserve the right to make changes or revise the Policy. Your ongoing use of the App after any modifications to the Policy will imply that you accept or agree to such modifications. Hence, make sure to bookmark the page and review it from time to time so that you can familiarize yourself with the Policy's latest version. All modifications to the Policy will be posted here to help you know what information is collected by us, how we might use the information, and how and when we disclose the information. By checking the last revised date, which is posted at the top section of the page, you can tell whether the Policy has been updated. In case, you decide that you wish to delete any section of your personal information, due to such changes, from our database, kindly notify us at

We gather diverse kinds of information for varying purposes to offer and improve our services for you. 

Types of Data collected by us:

Personal data of customers

We gather and use diverse types of information to improve our Services for you. We gather personal information for contacting or identifying you while you use our Service. Each time you utilize our Service, we might have to ask you for specific personally identifiable information, like your email address, that we can use to reach you. The personal data that is collected may encompass, but is not limited to, your name, phone number, photo, and address. Certain data pertaining to finance, such as your bank details and salary information, may also be collected.

Usage data of customers

We may collect Usage Data reflecting how you use our Services. It may encompass details like the IP address of your computer, browser type and version, the App pages that you visited, the date and time of your visit, the duration of time you spent on the App pages, unique device identifiers, and other diagnostic information.

Data relating to Cookies

We use cookies and other kinds of monitoring technologies for tracking our Web's activities and collecting data. A cookie refers to a tiny text file that is sent from the Web to your browser and then stored on your device. We even utilize log information using tags, scripts and beacons. We make use of these for analyzing and enhancing our Service.  

Information Collection

Below is a list of different methods that we utilize for collecting information:

Registration Information– When our users register at the KasturiHR Website or App, we gather information from them. Registration by users is needed when they create an account in the KasturiHR App or website, using any kind of KasturiHR App or website promotion or service. We gather general information such as your name, email address and the account password that you use in the KasturiHR App and Website. We maintain the customer data differently for our SaaS customers, and it has been explained later on in the Policy. 

Information relating to User Log– For accessing the services of the KasturiHR App and website, an automatic information record is required. Whenever you visit the Application, your browser, by default sends the information. This information is called log information, and it includes your IP address, browser type, language, web request and the time and date when you made the request. 

Communication by Users- When you use the KasturiHR App and Website for communication or sending mail, some communication may be withheld for processing your requests or inquiries. This is done to improve our services and promptly respond to your needs.

Location Information– The location data of our users is collected after obtaining their consent and ensuring that they have opted for the feature relating to live geo-tracking attendance. 

Use of Data 

The data that KasturiHR gathers is utilized for a diverse range of purposes:

When you use our services, KasturiHR presents the uploaded content to your organization in an exclusive manner, from well-secured cloud storage. KasturiHR utilizes Azure Web Services, which has a good reputation as a secure cloud storage service. The Azure Company provides Azure Web Services. Azure is known as one of the very few cloud infrastructure providers that creates and offers its solutions for meeting the highest compliance requirements and standards. Azure operating in every country complies with the necessary national and local data protection laws and regulations. 

Use of Third-party tools by Kasturi HR

For the purpose of creating high-quality apps, KasturiHR utilizes Firebase.

KasturiHR does not exert any kind of control over third-party apps, platforms or online services, and KasturiHR is not accountable for its actions. It is ideal for you to go through the privacy policies of third-part platforms, applications and online services so that you can become more aware of your usage data. KasturiHR advices you to do the same. 

The customer data that we collect is not used for any other purposes apart from the ones that have been described above. 

Customer Information

We will not distribute, share, refer or review any customer data, i.e. host data as well as information. The use or review of customer data is done only if it is needed for any kind of support problem, resolving any issue or if needed by law as captured in the terms of services. It is expected that customers will be responsible for handling their user ID and password confidentially and securely.

Collection and Storage of Location Information 

The KasturiHR app and website gather your live location data to allow the feature relating to live geo-tracking attendance. The location details of the users are not shared with any third party. A user has the liberty to raise a request asking to delete the data. This can be done by sending the request to us via mail at

Data Integrity 

The information that the App gathers is only utilized for the purposes that have been highlighted in the Policy. The collected data is stored as well as processed to make sure that the collection and storage of users' personal information facilitates the improvement of our services. The App takes responsible steps to make sure that accurate and updated information is in place. In this regard, we rely on our customers for updating and correcting information, if necessary.

Sharing of Information

The information that is collected is not shared with other individuals or companies.

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of the information.

Information – Access and Update

Every single customer at KasturiHR may update or edit their registration or other information. This can be done by editing the user record. You need to log in to the appropriate App in order to update the information relating to the user profile. The employees of a company may be provided with the necessary registration information from their Human Resource Administrator. Please feel free to send an email to in case you do not wish to continue with your account. Your request will be taken into consideration for changing, accessing or deleting the information within a period of 7 days. 

Security Aspects

Hi-tech security measures are in place for maintaining accurate data, safeguarding customer data from any kind of unauthorized access and ensuring the appropriate utilization of data. Since advanced web browsers are also used to access the Service, the solid transport layer security technology safeguards customer data via data encryption as well as service authentication. The technology can ensure data safety and security. We ensure that the information is only available to customers who own it. The App implements an advanced security mechanism to prevent unauthenticated access and interference with data. The security mechanism is based on encoded session identification, which involves a firewall along with advanced security technology. Certain improved security features are available to customers when they configure higher security settings.

However, it is best to know that there is no ‘perfect security’ in the virtual world, and we cannot entirely guarantee your information’s security. Moreover, as communications via the internet are insecure, there is a possibility that the information that you provide to us or the information that you access via the App may be intercepted at the time of transmission. In case of a breach of our system or interception of the transmission of data, we are not liable. Hence, we entirely disclaim, wholly under law, any kind of liability that may be associated with claims arising from the breach of data, information or security. 

Adherence to laws and regulations

In order to comply with any regulation, law, judgement, decree, subpoena, Order, or any other kind of governmental Order ("Order"), we reserve the right to divulge any kind of information without any obligation to verify or contest the accuracy of such Order.

Relevant laws 

The Policy will be regulated by and interpreted according to the laws of India without considering any principles relating to conflicts of law. You agree that in case any action at law or in equity emerges out of or relates to any utilization of the App, its filing will be possible only in the courts of Bengaluru. You at this moment provide your consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of these courts for litigating any such action.


The section titles mentioned in the Policy are for convenience only, and they do not have any contractual or legal effects. Certain services may be subject to extra terms and conditions in relation to privacy as well as information use. The use of such services by you is subject to the terms and conditions that are incorporated into the Policy by reference. In case of any inconsistency between this Policy and any additional posted conditions, the provision relating to the additional posted conditions shall be applicable.


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