Advanced payroll software
Advanced Payroll Software

Automate payroll processing with accuracy and complete transparency.

Time & Attendance Management
Time & Attendance Management

Calculate employee working hours, overtime & short time done effortlessly.

Leave Management
Leave Management

Approve/ reject employee leave and provide status of requested leaves.

Performance Management System
Performance Management System

Monitor employee performance and simplify annual appraisal with ease.

Smart HRIS Software
Smart HRIS Software

Employee life cycle to complex HR operations; simplify it all.

Employee Self-Service
Employee Self Service

Update contact information, work status, leave requests, and more.

Automate the Process

Ensure Statutory Compliance with Kasturi HR

Welcome to the Kasturi HR and management software that fosters statutory compliance in all its functions, ensuring standard workflow and employee benefits.

Secured Employee Benefit

The smart human resource talent management software ensures seamless integration of statutory compliance into our services, enabling workflow to adhere to the law.

  • Company guidelines that adhere to the law
  • Workflow as per legal law standards
  • Secured employee data storage
  • Accurate payroll with tax adherence
Secured Employee Benefit

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Just as we foster transparency among the workforce, we provide complete details related to the company policies to new hires, extending our commitment to statutory compliance.

  • Transparency with policies
  • Features to update HRMS
  • Update company policies
  • Manage employee information
Streamlined Onboarding Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure that HRMS software considers statutory compliance?

Kasturi HR is not just another HR management tool that provides multiple features to improve efficiency, but also ensures statutory compliance at its core.

What is the role of statutory compliance in Kasturi HR?

Statutory compliance is the fundamental aspect of Kasturi HR that ensures the functioning of this HR software for business aligns with legal and regulatory standards.

Why statutory compliance is important to follow?

Statutory compliance ensures businesses function under the standard guidelines framed by the law, ensuring zero to minimal legal risks and potential fines. Additionally, it fosters a positive work environment for all that builds trustworthiness among the workforce and brand awareness.


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