Leave Management
Leave Management

Approve/ reject employee leave and provide status of requested leaves.

Advanced payroll software
Advanced Payroll Software

Automate payroll processing with accuracy and complete transparency.

Time & Attendance Management
Time & Attendance Management

Calculate employee working hours, overtime & short time done effortlessly.

Performance Management System
Performance Management System

Monitor employee performance and simplify annual appraisal with ease.

Smart HRIS Software
Smart HRIS Software

Employee life cycle to complex HR operations; simplify it all.

Employee Self-Service
Employee Self Service

Update contact information, work status, leave requests, and more.

Simplify leave process

Advanced Leave Management Software

Say no to complex spreadsheets and endless emails for leave approvals. Kasturi HR is an advanced HRMS leave management platform that enables ease at work for HRs and employees, enabling transparency with the overall leave management process.

Streamlined Leave Management

Kasturi HR enables HR personnel to manage employee leave requests, transparency with the workforce, and ensure compliance with company policies.

  • Check leave balance
  • Easy leave submission
  • Manage leave discrepancies
  • Review/ approve leave requests
  • Multiple leave types, casual, sick, etc
  • Facilitate leave payments
Streamlined Leave Management

Reduced Complexity for HR Personnel

Instant dashboards provide a quick overview of employee leave status. Easy leave management with tracking leave balance, quickly generating reports, streamlining approvals & manager’s reviews, and reducing administrative workload.

  • Instant HRMS leave management dashboard
  • Get quick updates/ reviews
  • Simplify month-end processes
  • Track leave payment record
Reduced Complexity for HR Personnel

Flexible Leave Policy Management

With smart attendance and leave management software, HR personnel could easily update company policy and upload it to the Kasturi HR portal, providing real-time data to all employees.

  • Edit and upload company policies
  • Accessibility to policies for all employees
  • Transparency with leave management
  • User-friendly dashboard for all
Flexible Leave Policy Management

Resolve dependencies at work

Manage employee leave, ensuring teammates and managers of specific departments know the days off of their colleagues through the Kasturi HR HRMS leave application, resolving chaos at the eleventh hour.

  • Feedback on leave submission
  • Instant updates to teammates
  • No adverse impact on productivity
  • Team management & coordination
Resolve dependencies at work

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HRMS leave application system?

Kasturi HR is an advanced HRMS software that makes the leave management process easier for HR personnel. It helps companies to manage days off of their workforce without hampering the overall work productivity.

What is the benefit of a management leave application for companies?

Significance comes when customized HRMS like Kasturi HR enhances productivity, and transparency among the workforce, and reduces complex HR operations with automated features and real-time updates.

What are the major features of the HRMS leave management system?

The major features include easy submission of days off requests, real-time updates from managers & HR personnel, easy to approve/ reject, employees having updates on their colleagues’ upcoming days off for no chaos at work, and improved efficiency. And guess what? Kasturi HR has it all.

Is it easier to update leave-related policies in the portal?

Not only the company leave policy, but every other policy and guideline for employees can be easily updated on the portal. The Kasturi HR portal allows employees to know recent updates in company policy, and work according to the guidelines.

Is there an app for leave management?

Yes, you can download the Kasturi HR app on your Android or iPhone, and make the most of the application with the ease of managing your leaves, leave balance, etc.


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