Employee Self-Service
Employee Self Service

Update contact information, work status, leave requests, and more.

Advanced payroll software
Advanced Payroll Software

Automate payroll processing with accuracy and complete transparency.

Time & Attendance Management
Time & Attendance Management

Calculate employee working hours, overtime & short time done effortlessly.

Leave Management
Leave Management

Approve/ reject employee leave and provide status of requested leaves.

Performance Management System
Performance Management System

Monitor employee performance and simplify annual appraisal with ease.

Smart HRIS Software
Smart HRIS Software

Employee life cycle to complex HR operations; simplify it all.

Be productive with transparency

Advanced Employee Self Service Feature

User-friendly dashboard that allows complete management of employee daily tasks, salary updates, travel expense claims, regular attendance, leave requests, and many more.

Take Charge of HR Requirements

Kasturi HR empowers your team to easily update their contact information, salary account details while onboarding, update relevant information, ensuring HR personnel frees up HR for strategic tasks.

  • Profile Management
  • Submit Leave Request
  • Update Attendance
  • Download Salary Slip
Take Charge of HR Requirements

Transparency with Performance Evaluation

Cloud-based HRMS makes performance management a collaborative process, ensuring employees can easily update managers with daily work reports with complete transparency.

  • Update Timesheets
  • Share Work Reports
  • Receive Feedback
  • Track Task Status
Transparency with Performance Evaluation

Flexibility & Accessibility

Kasturi HR, the advanced HRMS, ensures employee self service login becomes easily accessible, making employees manage HR tasks with minimal effort.

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Web/ Mobile Accessibility
  • Top-notch Security
  • User-friendly Navigation
Flexibility & Accessibility

Manage Employee Salary Concerns

Kastur HR is an advanced employee self service portal that promotes employee concerns. The software allows employees to raise concerns regarding attendance, working hours, and time duration for effective salary adjustments.

  • Raise discrepancy when required
  • Check accurate working hours
  • Get updates on every detail
  • Reduce workload with timesheet updates
Manage Employee Salary Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Employee Self Service portal important for organizations?

It reduces the administrative workload by allowing employees to update necessary details on the portal themselves. It reduces HR intervention, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks and fosters employee empowerment.

Can employees access ESS login from the mobile application?

Yes, it is very simple to access ESS with the Kasturi HR mobile application, allowing easy payroll log in for HR personnel and employees can simply download salary slip for respective months. Simply put, it is an all-in-one and one of the best HRMS portals in India.

What is the purpose of an advanced Employee Self Service system?

To shift the manual HR operations to automation and make employees do it rather than HR personnel. Since, HRs are majorly occupied with strategic tasks, including new company policy introduction. Therefore, the managed HR portal allows employees to do simple tasks themselves, like downloading salary slips, updating contact information, applying for leave, etc.

How do employees make ESS log in?

Open the Kasturi HR mobile application or web app, fill in the employee's official email address and password provided, and update the password if required; Kasturi HR is good to use.

How do employees download salary slips on ESS portal login?

It is easy to get salary slips with just a click. Simply, log-in to the Kasturi HR portal, go to the “payroll” option, and simply download the salary slip for the month you would like to.


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