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Revolutionizing Human Resource Management

Company profile

Company Profile

Centralize and effectively manage your company's information, including all master data such as departments, designations, and bands.



Streamline employee records and communication for efficient workforce management. Centralize all employee information in one place.



Efficiently log and monitor work hours for project tracking and resource allocation. Managers have the option to take action on submitted timesheets.



Automate the leave request and approval process for smoother HR operations. Track leave balances and manage various leave types according to your company policy.



Seamlessly track attendance, ensuring accurate and timely data. Includes the option to manage holiday calendars for different locations.



Conduct structured performance assessments, setting and tracking goals transparently. Track the evaluation process for every action by employees or managers.


Projects & Clients

Enhance project management by tracking progress, resources, and client interactions in a unified system.



Efficiently manage various employee claims through a centralized system. Employees can raise reimbursement requests for multiple types in one place.



Integrate payroll processes for accurate and compliant salary management. Generate pay slips with a breakdown of different salary components for employees.

Your Security is Our Priority!

All data in our HRMS is encrypted and protected to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information.

We offer Desktop and Mobile-native experience for your employees.

We offer Desktop and Mobile-native experience for your employees.

Your employees expect mobile access to their most-used apps. Why should it be different for HR?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kasturi HR, and how does it enhance Company Profile Management?

Kasturi HR is a comprehensive HRMS solution. It streamlines Company Profile Management by centralizing data, allowing easy updates, and ensuring accurate representation of your organization's profile.

How does Kasturi HR facilitate Efficient Employee Management?

Kasturi HR simplifies Employee Management through a user-friendly interface. It enables HR professionals to handle employee records, monitor performance, and streamline communication efficiently.

Can Kasturi HR help in Attendance Management?

Absolutely. Kasturi HR offers an Effective Attendance Management system that tracks employee attendance, leaves, and generates insightful reports. This aids in better workforce management.

How does Kasturi HR handle Leaves Management effectively?

Kasturi HR automates the Leave Management process, allowing employees to request leaves, managers to approve, and HR to maintain accurate records. This ensures a smooth workflow for leave-related activities.

Does Kasturi HR support Timesheet Management?

Yes, Kasturi HR provides an Effective Timesheet Management feature that allows employees to log their work hours, aiding in project tracking and resource allocation.

Can Kasturi HR manage “Work From Home” efficiently?

Indeed. Kasturi HR streamlines “Work From Home” Management by providing a platform for employees to request remote work, ensuring seamless communication, and tracking productivity.


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