Advanced payroll software
Advanced Payroll Software

Automate payroll processing with accuracy and complete transparency.

Time & Attendance Management
Time & Attendance Management

Calculate employee working hours, overtime & short time done effortlessly.

Leave Management
Leave Management

Approve/ reject employee leave and provide status of requested leaves.

Performance Management System
Performance Management System

Monitor employee performance and simplify annual appraisal with ease.

Smart HRIS Software
Smart HRIS Software

Employee life cycle to complex HR operations; simplify it all.

Employee Self-Service
Employee Self Service

Update contact information, work status, leave requests, and more.

Automate the Process

Advanced Payroll Software

No more manual payroll. Get smart HRMS software to simplify your payroll workload. With 100% transparency, Kasturi HR makes the payroll process easier than ever before.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

HR personnel get to easily prepare payroll for employees to ensure the process goes well as per the company’s guidelines.

  • Review & approve timesheets
  • Manage discrepancies
  • Update employee tax withholdings
  • Initiate & run payroll review
  • Approve calculated payroll
  • Process Payments
Streamlined Payroll Processing

Improved Data Security

No more need to worry about payroll data getting lost. Kasturi HR HRMS supports advanced encryption technologies and safeguards the data of employees and the company.

  • Supports multi-layered data security
  • Automatic backups
  • Handles month-end stress
  • Simple to track payment records
Improved Data Security

Make Salary Revisions

Onboard new members & update revised salaries for existing employees with advanced payroll management software, Kasturi HR. Make timely updates and accurate calculations with ease.

  • Move manual data to Kasturi HR
  • Make necessary adjustments
  • Update salaries in the dashboard
  • Let employees get salary slips with a click
Make Salary Revisions

Real-time Claim Updates

Make faster, easier, and real-time changes/ updates to reimbursements, travel expenses, and business trip claims, that further get adjusted to employees’ salaries.

  • Travel claim
  • Business trip expenses
  • View approvals/ updates
Real-time Claim Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payroll management software?

Payroll management system software simplifies and automates the complex HR process, including salary, deductions, and tax management. The software allows companies to get accurate paychecks, generate payroll reports, store overall data, and reduce stress at last.

What is the benefit of cloud based payroll software?

The advanced payroll software provides accessibility, flexibility, and real-time updates. It ensures the payroll process is manageable from any time & anywhere. Additionally, startups need not require manual processes or spreadsheets to store data, ensuring security and cost reduction in HR operations.

Why should Kasturi HR be my HRMS solution for payroll management?

With robust security, ensured flexibility, and advanced payroll management, Kasturi HR enables a smooth shift from manual processes to automation. It saves time, cost, and resources, and fosters transparency among the workforce.

How does it benefit employees?

Employees get multiple benefits, including management of projects, daily work reports, attendance, check-ins/ outs, raising discrepancies related to working hours, on-time salary slips, and travel claims & reimbursements.

How does an HRMS help startups and organizations?

Organizations get to monitor the working hours, days off, employee life cycle, and smoother payroll processes. Besides, Kasturi HR is one of the best employee task management software in India, ensuring organizations get productivity, transparency, and ease in their daily operations.


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