Time & Attendance Management
Time & Attendance Management

Calculate employee working hours, overtime & short time done effortlessly.

Advanced payroll software
Advanced Payroll Software

Automate payroll processing with accuracy and complete transparency.

Leave Management
Leave Management

Approve/ reject employee leave and provide status of requested leaves.

Performance Management System
Performance Management System

Monitor employee performance and simplify annual appraisal with ease.

Smart HRIS Software
Smart HRIS Software

Employee life cycle to complex HR operations; simplify it all.

Employee Self-Service
Employee Self Service

Update contact information, work status, leave requests, and more.

Automate Your Workforce Tracking

Time & Attendance Management

No more manual attendance tracking. Boost your workforce management with advanced attendance and leave management software. Work efficiently with streamlined process, enhanced accuracy, and ensured compliance.

Effortless Workforce Tracking

Kasturi HR, advanced attendance management software simplifies the monitoring of employee working hours, day breaks, and work reports as per the company’s guidelines.

  • Check-in/ Check-out
  • Track day breaks
  • Regularize attendance
  • Manage employee overtime
  • Review timesheets
Effortless Workforce Tracking

Smart Leave Management

Manage leave requests in real-time with Kasturi HR’s user-friendly interface. Create efficiency in every HR process with complete transparency, including the manager’s remarks on employee leave requests.

  • Request and approval of leaves
  • Check and update leave balance
  • Integrate attendance record
  • Provide detailed leave reviews
Smart Leave Management

Enhanced Data Security

Ensure to have a secured platform for data privacy of employees’ details. Our attendance and payroll software enables advanced encryption technologies, and auto backups to save data, ensuring the protection of every sensitive information.

  • Multi-layered data security
  • Automated backups
  • Protected against unauthorized access
Enhanced Data Security

Boost Productivity with Real-time Insights

Get real-time updates on employees' leave requests, approve in real-time, make informed decisions, and manage staffing at all levels, ensuring effective teamwork and productivity.

  • Attendance dashboard
  • Provide reviews instantly
  • Update reports
Boost Productivity with Real-time Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Time & Attendance Management software?

Smart time and attendance management system software like Kasturi HR enables auto tracking of employee working hours, regular breaks, and leaves. It helps organizations to accurately adjust salaries, smooth the payroll process, and necessary adjustments.

Why choose employee time tracking software?

Kasturi HR enables a seamless and secure way to monitor employee attendance, regardless of the company size. It ensures every HR personnel gets complete employee details, making no confusion at the time of payroll.

How does it benefit employees?

Employees get complete updates regarding their applied leaves, manager’s review, leave balance to manage future leaves, records work reports on a daily basis, etc. It empowers them to manage time effectively.

How is HR software beneficial for organizations?

As already mentioned the effectiveness of Kasturi HR, the best HRMS software in India, automates and simplifies HR operations. It becomes useful to effectively shift manual processes to automation.


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